Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top 16 Fashion Keywords from June 2012 Kera Magazine

Japanese street fashion is so rapidly changing that the only magazine that comes close to having current style tips is the monthly magazine Kera. I translated this month's section on top trends for Spring.
  1. Plus 1 Impact- Adding one item to an outfit that contrasts to the rest of it, i.e. a red jacket with an all-black outfit
  2. All-Out Gaudy - Wearing as many bright, gaudy pieces with mis-matching prints and colours as possible.
  3. All-Out Simple - The opposite of being overly-gaudy, sticking to monochromatic colours.
  4. Studs - Putting studs on everything!
  5. Creepers - Wearing creepers with anything!
  6. Pastel Co-ordinates - Wearing outfits completely made of pastel colours.
  7. Sailor Collars - Dresses, tops, shirts in all styles with sailor collars.
  8. Classical Lolita - Yup, classical lolita is in this season! Juliet et Justine, Innocent World, Excentrique are all big right now.
  9. All-White Co-ordinates - Wearing both girly and boyish clothes in all-white.
  10. Teeth Motifs - Hellcatpunks is stocking all the Kreepsville666 teeth jewellery right now.
  11. Wooden Shoes - In more styles than just rocking-horse!
  12. Corsets - Mainly decorative ones, no signs of the Japanese tight-lacing yet.
  13. See-through Gowns - Wearing long chiffon gowns over other outfits.
  14. Anime Collaborations - Lots of brands have been doing collaborations with anime shows, including some very unfortunate-looking maid outfits from BtSSB and Meta.
  15. Deco-Deco - Trying to stand out in Harajuku is hard, so over-the-top decora style is back! Once again just trying to pile on as much stuff as possible, but no sign of mid-2000s decora hair clips coming back yet.
  16. Patterned Tights - Making a cool pair of tights the main focus of your outfit. Black Milk here I come!

To this I would add my own trend that I've noticed lately- Devil Horns. I've noticed heaps of kids in Harajuku snaps wearing them, and they tend to use these ones from Kreepsville666 now that Hellcatpunks stocks them:


  1. I love Kera Magazine! Your Blog is so cute!!

    "I Love cupcake and rock n'roll"

  2. I tagged you in a post, I hope you don't mind;

  3. I seriously love KERA.

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