Sunday, September 19, 2010

Xelyna Returns

Again I neglect my blog- not because I haven't been wearing lolita, but because I haven't had enough pictures to share (and just writing about what I did isn't so interesting, LOL).

In early August, the Brisbane Lolitas had another High Tea meet-up! We went to the same hotel we went to last year, and ate our own weights in cake:D

I only got a face shot:

And here's me cropped out from the one group photo that I could find... funny, so many girls took photos that day, but no-one uploaded them T_T

Later in August it was my birthday, and to celebrate I went out with my friends on a karaoke night! I wasn't wearing lolita, but more... lolita-inspired outfit:

Hmm, this month I haven't had a chance to wear lolita yet, but I have been buying a lot of Moitie for some unknown reason. Yesterday I was walking through some local craft markets, and I found the weirdest thing- a Mana T-shirt!

If you don't know who Mana is, then you will have to wait for my up-coming essay "Who is Mana and why you should care" LOL
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