Monday, August 10, 2009

Xelyna's Week in Lolita #10

Well folks, I finally reached double-digits in my little weekly blog:D

This week in lolita was exciting in that a lolita was featured on national TV in the USA- but sadly on the TV show "What Not To Wear". The episode hasn't been screened in my country yet, but from what I hear, the hosts of the show didn't understand lolita fashion at all, and called it both fetish and frumpy:/ Contradiction much? Sadly because of the name of the fashion, people jump to all sorts of conclusions... the very truth of the matter is that even in Japan, the home of lolita fashion, it is not considered fetish wear or to have any connotations of faux-pedophilia. It's an alternative fashion, the same as goth or punk. If only someone could change the name by deed-pole, we'd probably be a lot better off trying to explain it to people.

In personal news, I tried out a new sewing pattern this week! From the Handmade GosuRori book I tried a fully-shirred pattern with some cute fabric.

Because the top is all elastic, it can be adjusted for a lot of sizes!

I think I might make more with the same pattern, because it's simple and cute!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lolita Week in Review #9

This week I did a photoshoot with a wonderful photographer in my city.

I got some preview photos here:

And there will be more later!

Also, I was looking back at photos of myself in lolita, and found some before and after photos of me in the same outfit from when I went on a diet and exercise plan. Believe it or not, I lost 15kg (33lbs) in 2008.

And no, I didn't do it just to fit into lolita... but more so I fit into Japanese clothes in generalD: Seriously, most Japanese clothes come in only one size, which is about an Australian size 8. Lolita clothes are actually pretty big for Japan, considering they actually have elastic or shirring in them. Causal clothes brands are just tiiiiny. But since most girls in Japan are both short and very slim, I guess it just makes sense:/

Oh well, I guess in the end I'm fitter now, even if I don't need to be a size 8 to find clothes that fit in AustraliaX___x;;
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