Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lolitas @ Zombie Walk!

On the weekend there was a zombie walk in my town (and just about every town in the world), so me and my friends dressed up!

Here are some pictures:

Me in the parade. There were over 5000 people! :D

Me with two guro-lolis XD


The best thing about the zombie walk is the excuse to wear goth make-up, which doesn't happen often these days. The downside is that I still can't get it off my arms completelyX_x;;


For the blood on the bandages I used nail polish, and the blood on my body it was lip gloss mixed with blush^^;; I look more like a zombie that was eating strawberries than brains in the end, LOL

Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Aristocrat

I haven't posted lately, because I didn't have many photos of when I was dressed up. Lately it's been an unusually cool Autumn, and on top of that it's been raining a lot! I didn't want to risk my lolita prints running, so I've stuck with Aristocrat for a while.

My and my lolita friends in the city the other day.

I'm wearing Moitie and Black Peace Now.

On a different day, I wore my fake-leather Moitie JSK for the first time!

Despite all the black leather, the sunny tropical backdrop kinda ruins it, LOL I should submit this to Goths In Hot WeatherXD;;

JSK: Moi-meme-Moitie
Blouse: Off-brand
Wrist Cuff: Alice Auaa
Boots: Doc Martens LOL
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