Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween 2011!

My computer died from a virus a while back so it's taken me forever to recover all my stuff, so I have a big backlog of posts to make!

Halloween this year was totally epic! My friend had a huge party at her house and lots of local lolitas turned up. I didn't have any idea of what to wear for a costume so I just went in gothic lolita:3

On the train on the way there.

I tried icing cakes and biscuits before the party but they got all messed up on the train and I had to do them again>_<;;

I'm not much of an artist though^^;;

I vant to suck your bloooooood :E

With my friends^^

Eating pizza while playing Pin The Arm on the Skeleton XD;; ThisiswhyImfat.jpg

I don't even remember why I was doing this, LOL

It wouldn't be Halloween without me spitting up fake blood at some point!

Everyone's reactionsXD What I did was put the blood in my mouth and then pretend to go bobbing for apples, and came up like that and said "What the fuck was in that apple????". Oh, I'm so mature^^;;

The whole gang together :D

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