Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long Dress Love!

Ah, how I love long lolita dresses! Since it's the end of Spring here, I decided to get a last wear for this year out of a favourite of mine:

I looooooove my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes! It's hard to see, but they are so shiny:

Everything Vivienne Westwood designs is so nice*_*

The boater hat seems to be in fashion even in Australia now, although I think it actually started as a gyaru trend in JapanO_o;; Anyway, I was happy because I got this one for $5 from a local store, LOL

JSK: Emily Temple Cute
Socks: Emily Temple Cute
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Everything else: Offbrand from local stores
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