Monday, July 27, 2009

Lolita Week in Review #8

This week started off with me hanging out in the city wearing Aristocrat fashion!

Also known as "EGA" (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat), because the brand Moi meme Moitie calls it that, this fashion is a more mature version of Gothic Lolita. Instead of short bell-shaped skirts, it features long skirts which can be full or body-hugging. It has much more in common with Western Gothic fashion than Lolita fashion, as there is no "Sweet" version, only the dark gothic look.

In other news this week, I spotted the a Lolita reporter working for the BBC!

I guess this means we can add TV Reporter to the list of Lolita Fashion Friendly Jobs!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lolita Week in Review #7

This week I had not one but two meet-ups to attend!

The first was to see the new Harry Potter movie. Of course I felt the need to wear black for this one:

I got some new hair pieces- this time they are clip-on pony tails. The bangs are also fake. When doing this style you need something to hide the join of your real hair and your fake hair, so a headdress is called for (unless you can invent something better).

Then yesterday we had another big meet-up, and went to eat cupcakes!

I wore my favourite colour- sax blue!

My arm is reaching critical mass>_>;;;;

Also: I finally made a Twitter account, so you can add me here:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly Lolita Post #6

This week I didn't have a chance to dress lolita at all! :O But nevermind, because I'm always working on something.

I visited some antique shops this week, and ended up buying a really cute 1950s porcelain figure!

I love collecting Japanese antiques and retro items, and this one was just so kitsch and cute with the anime eyes that I couldn't help myselfXD

I know a lot of lolitas who collect tea cups an tea sets and other antiques, and it really is fun visiting antique stores, so I highly recommend it the next time you're wondering what to do in your free time:D

I edited the pictures my friend took of me last week, and you can see the rest here.
Classic Lolita

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lolita Week in Review #5

This week I got the exciting news that one of my favourite Japanese artists is back and with a new website!

Chisami became well-know for her Japanese-style Alice in Wonderland and Gothic Lolita drawings after posting them on her DeviantArt Account. Her unique woodblock print mixed with manga style, as well as her gothic imagery made her a favourite of lots of fans of Japanese fashion.

She is now back with a website as well: Wa-Alice. ("Wa" is a prefix you can add to words that means "Japanese-style". i.e. "wa-shitsu" is "Japanese Room" and "wa-goth" is Japanese Goth)

For me, I went to an art exhibition opening at the Institute of Modern Art. One of my lolita friends was part of an exhibit, so me and my friends dressed up lolita to go view it. Here is a picture of me inside one of the exhibits:

Also this week I did a photoshoot with a photographer friend of mine! I was wearing Classic Lolita and posed in front of some beautiful architecture in Brisbane.

Here is a preview:

By next week I should have more photos ready and uploaded:D
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