Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet-Up in Brisbane

Yesterday my local lolita group had another meet-up! I took the opportunity to wear my new wig:D

We went to a French Cafe for lunch, and then to a park to take photos.

Look how many of us there are! And that's not even all the lolitas in my state. It's so encouraging to see the fashion get more and more popular in Australia. I can't wait for our next meet-up!


  1. Thats looks so nice :D
    Lolita meetups ftw!

  2. There are so many cute Lolitas in one meet :)
    Everyone seems to have put a lot of time to their outfits as well <3

  3. You look so pretty, Love your wig~ ^^ ♥

  4. Do you know where i can find lolita meet ups in sydney?


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