Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ask Xelyna: Lolita and Sports

Hooray, I'm so excited, it's time for my first "Ask Xelyna" column!

My lovely ready reader writes:

I really like to run to keep myself in shape but I'm trying to become a 24/7 lolita but have no idea how to loli-fy my running outfits? It would be great if you had some suggestions.

Great question! Personally I wear track pants and a Dir en Grey T-shirt if I go jogging (well, fast-walking, I'm not very sporty LOL), but Jogging Lolita is certainly possible!

Skirt: Putumayo
Tank: Putumayo
Socks: Miho Matsuda
Sneakers: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

How to do sport in lolita:

1. Look for Wearable and Washable clothes.

- Face it, sport makes you sweat. Sweat is death to most lolita clothes. This is why you need to choose a) dark colours and B) washable fabrics. Therefore cotton, especially stretch cotton is your friend. Think cut-sews and simple one-layer skirts.

- You need to move for sport, and not over-heat, so you can't be in full sleeves. Plenty of lolita brands make tank-tops and short skirts, so these are perfect!

2. Socks and Shoes don't have to be brand.

- You're probably going to get mud on your socks at some point, so go for cheap ones you can buy at your local shopping center.

- You don't want to be uncomfortable or hurt your feet/ankles while running, so the best idea is to wear real running shoes. If they are plain black, they'll blend into your outfit anyway. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright brought out sneakers recently, but I don't know how good they are for running in. If they are comfortable, they would be totally cute, though!

3. Keep hair simple.

- Put your hair up in twin pony tails to keep it out of your face.

Recommended brands:
* Putumayo (cheap and washable)
* Black Peace Now (cheap and breathable, also make pants and shorts)
* Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (their cut-sew material skirts and tops are sports-ready)
* Alice and the Pirates (also have lots of cut-sews and pants)

So thank-you again for sending in your question, and to everyone else reading, my inbox is always open! Click the image below to send me a question:

Until then, it's back to your regular programming (^_~)


  1. where can i find the lolita boots?

  2. If you mean the ones shown in the coordinate, About panda toys, they're by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright:
    They'll be under the 'Shopping' tab at the top, and 'Shoes, Bag' in the side menu. Be warned that they will almost certainly be rather expensive, if you've never checked over their website or a brand like them before.

  3. About panda toys: Chantililly is right, they are currently on the Baby the Stars Shine Bright site!

  4. Nice post! I'm a fan of Lolita fashion and knowing lovely Lolitas to be conscious of their health is nice.

    My cousin, Thea, is the most health-conscious of us all in the clan. When she gained weight, she was so terrified that her dream vital stats were lost. That's why she had a Los Angeles tummy tuck treatment lately. Last year, she met a well-known and dependable rhinoplasty surgeon (Los Angeles area) for consultation. Now, Thea looks so pretty and adores Lolitas!


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