Thursday, April 14, 2011

Supanova 2011

Wow, I've been so busy lately! I haven't been doing that much Lolita-related stuff, but the other day it was the local anime convention in my hometown. I went in cosplay, but my friends went mainly in Lolita.

The character I cosplayed was Megumi Shimizu from the anime "Shiki". It's a horror anime which is like Dracula but set in a modern-day farming village in Japan. Megumi hates living in the country, and dreams of running away to Tokyo and being a Harajuku girl or a pop idol. Her fashion in the show is varies from Lolita to Punk Goth to Harajuku or Akiba-kei. I didn't have time to make a cosplay of her more complicated outfits, so I chose a simple one from the first episode:

My version:

I couldn't find boots as crazy as hers, but I'm sure they were for sale in Japan, LOL

I had circle lenses in, I love them!

Me and a couple of my loli friends!


  1. You look so sweet.
    I love your Cosplay!

  2. It came out so nicely! Very cute- the pink wig looks really good on you!

  3. Thanks guys, glad you like my cosplay! You should all watch Shiki if you haven't seen it already!


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