Friday, May 20, 2011

Gabalnara Split-Wig Review

The other day my friend did a group-order for Gabalnara wigs, so I thought I would get one to save money on shipping/ordering costs since I can't read Korean.

This is the wig I ordered:

Looks really cute doesn't it? I love split hairstyles!

When I finally got the wig, I was kinda disappointed. I bought it in the supposedly highest-quality fibre, but it was still really shiny and doesn't look or feel much like real hair. Also, it was far too long, like it was designed for someone with a giant headO_o;; It curved out in a really weird way:

The bangs were too long, but that's normal for wigs I guess:

In the end I hacked a whole lot off it, and now it looks a lot better:

However, I don't think this wig was worth the $80 I paid with shipping/shopping service fees for the quality it is. From now on I'll stick with Cyperous, because their wigs always look exactly like their photos!


  1. Too bad the wig didn't turned out like you thought it would be! But you did a good job fixin it ^^

  2. Hey, Where did you order this wig from?

  3. I bought Flora from Gabalnara and very happy with the wig >___<


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