Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lux Bite Meet!

The other day some lolitas met up for our friend's birthday at a fancy dessert cafe in South Yarra called "Lux Bite". It was an unusually warm day for Melbourne, so I wore my Odekake Chocola-chan OP :D

Everybody in a park before the meet.

Inside the cafe.

Lining up to order.

What I got to eat:

A heart-shaped hamburger!

This was a yuzu-chocolate mousse cake :O

Om nom nom :3


OP: Angelic Pretty
Headdress: Antique Beast
Stockings: Vivienne Westwood
Necklace: Innocent World
Shoes: Off-band


  1. You all look pretty! :) I really like your headdress, it is elegant but halloween ♥ When the food tastes as it looks... now I'm hungry! :D

  2. Ooo I didn't know you had a blog!! And I'm on it :D Woo hoo! It's Kavya btw :P Your luxbite outfit was cute as! <3

  3. This is great! Finding a Lolita community is so important. I'm hoping I can find Lolita meet up groups in the near future ^_^


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