Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog post.... not counting any more!

Lately I've been going out to quite a few lolita things!

But first, I did a more "Japanese Gothic" styled shoot the other day:

It was inspired by the goths I saw at clubs in Japan, especially the make-up and cage skirt I made. That cage skirt was hand-sewn from 7 meters of corset boning! It took me forever^^;; Soon I'll update my website with a proper gallery^^;;

Next I went to my friend's photography exhibition. She took photos of the local lolitas for a photo-journalism assignment. Here is a picture of me holding a drink in front of a picture of me holding a drink:

The dress is Emily Temple Cute and I love it!

Next I went to my friend's birthday party. I didn't get a good shot, so I had to blank my face out here, sorry^^;;

And last but not least, I was in a shoot for a music video! A local band called the Bloodpoets were shooting and they needed gothic lolitas... or so we thought. When me and my friend got to the shoot, they told us we were going to be "witches", and gave us ugly make-up X__x;; But I guess in the end we just look like evil gothic lolitas^^;;

Production stills are here:

And one day I might be able to post the video as well:D


  1. I am usually a total sweet lolita freak, but the top picture is so cuuuute ^-^
    It is very very elegant, as well as very very cute ^-^

    I like your blog!

  2. Thanks! I always forget to update, but I try to post what I wore every month^^;;


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