Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Did you get any lolita presents? I didn't, but my family hate lolita fashion, so it wasn't exactly a surprise, LOL>_>;; I did, however, buy a few things off EGL Comm Sales in the weeks leading up to ChristmasXD It seems people were really trying to sell the things they didn't wear any more to pay for Christmas-related expenses, which is good for buyers!

It's ridiculously hot now, so the last time I went out wearing lolita, I wore a very Summery oufit.

The dress is by Carina e Arequin, which was a sister brand of Atelier Pierrot. The point of my outfit was that I ripped my little toenail off and couldn't wear high heels, so I had to co-ordinate it with sandals^^;; But with the hat, I think it gave it a very 1950s look!

Here is me and my friends:

Another outfit I wore the other day was made up of all off-brand pieces I found locally:

Again, I had to wear those sandals because I hurt my toe, but in the end the outfit has a very casual Emily Temple Cute look to it.

All photo credits to Vysanthe.

Have a happy holidays everyone!


  1. Your outfit is beautiful! I love the color, it's so lovely. I hope your toe feels better soon :O

  2. The last photo is so beautiful.

  3. Caro-chan: Thanks! I guess I just have to wait for a new toenail to grow;_;

    Shirubya: Thanks!

  4. you are so pretty! happy christmas!

  5. Weald: Thank-you! Hope you had a good one too!


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