Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Lolita Year 2010!

Akemashite Omedetou! Happy New Year!

The most important part of the new year for lolitas is SALES! Most importantly if you live in Japan where the Lucky Packs (fukubukuro) go on sale around January 2-3, but also for online sales for international lolitas.

When I lived in Japan, I would always check Kera magazine for the list of brands and which day they would open to sell Lucky Packs, and which day they would open for Winter Sales (usually 30-70% off). The reason that some stores sold the Lucky Packs on one day and started the sale on another was to minimize the amount of confusion and people in the store. Some brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright would only let in 5 people at a time, and wouldn't let anyone else into the store until they had paid for their items and left- presumably to prevent shop-lifting. Other brands just let everyone rush in- but it usually depended on how in-demand the lucky packs were.

The usual price of a Lucky Pack is 10,000-yen (about $100). The clothes inside can be worth anything from $200-800, depending on the brand. The most expensive Lucky Packs I've seen were 50,000-yen ones from Innocent World, h.Naoto and Angelic Pretty. Again, the more you can afford to lay down, the more you will get back in value!

Here are some lucky packs I got in previous years:

Angelic Pretty (New Years 2008)

Angelic Pretty (New Years 2007)

Black Peace Now (New Years 2008)


  1. I went to Tokyo for the New Year and indeed and LP are really great and winter sales too !
    It's really good to do shopping during this period.
    ( I don't really like ordered on web).

    You had beautiful LP ^^.

  2. You were lucky that you got to go! I hope you got lots of good things in your fukubukuros!

  3. Thanks !
    Yes it was great ^^.
    Oh I wanna ask ... there are sales in summer ?

    Thank you .

  4. I've heard Lucky packs are in December, but when? How much, if you're willing to say, did u lay down for the first pack you posted? Are the packs posted on the sites for the brands? what's the most a brand might ask for? would you say that, in your experience, it has been worth buying 99% of the time? Which brands give the best sweet lolita packs? Does Angelic Pretty put print JSKs like wonder cookie (just an example) in the packs ever? How can you buy a lucky pack from America? Which brands have lucky bags during other months, which months, and how can i find out about them?

    thank you so much! Sorry for all my qs!!

  5. hi! do you know the name of the pink jsk from the 2007 lucky pack?


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