Monday, January 11, 2010

Boleros are a Lolita's Best Friend!

If there was one lolita fashion discovery I wish I had made sooner, it's how useful boleros (and cardigans) can be!

Don't feel like wearing a blouse under your JSK? Wear a bolero over it instead! Especially in Summer, it's a life-saver! And it's usually much easier to wash a bolero than a blouse too (and requires less ironing).

Got a dress that looks funny with a blouse under it? Then wear it with a cardigan or bolero over the top instead! Some dresses are hard to co-ordinate with a blouse because of the shape of the collar or sleeves, so boleros or cardigans can solve this problem.

What about if a dress doesn't fit properly? Or has damage to the collar you can't fix (like make-up stains)? Again, boleros and cardigans can help you get more wear out of these dresses by hiding a multitude of sins.

So in conclusion, buying long and short sleeve boleros and cardigans in a few colours (black, white, cream, pink) can extend your wardrobe by a lot! Personally I'm working on completely my bolero and cardigan collection all the time, because they are just so useful:D


  1. I like boleros as well! they are very useful and versatile, even for just casual wear. *v*

  2. Great post! I personally love boleros more than blouses! They manage to make outfits look more mature to!

  3. Ria-tan:
    Yeah, I've found myself wearing boleros all the time now! They are so cute and useful.

    Exactly! And less ironing of lace and frills LOL

    1. Hi, what type of blouse works best under a bolero? There's already a bow on the bolero. Thanks.


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