Monday, January 25, 2010

Circle Lenses, Colour Contacts and Lolita

Right from the start, gothic lolita fashion and colour contact lenses have gone hand-in-hand. Lately a new type of lens called "circle lenses" have become very popular. Circle lenses are colour contact lenses where the colour goes all the way to the edge of the lens, making your iris look bigger.
Read any Gothic Lolita Bible, Kera or Ageha magazine and you will see that almost all the models have either colour contacts or circle lenses. For a natural look, there are edge-only lenses which only increase the diameter of the iris but don't change the colour. These only really work if you have black or brown eyes. For colour circle lenses, there are edge colours, transparent colours and opaque colours.

In the past I made the mistake of buying transparent colour contact, only to find that they didn't show up in blue eyes at all!

Up close you can see the pattern.

From a distance there is hardly any change.

Disappointed, I decided to order some opaque circle lenses instead. They aren't sold in Australia, so I had to order them from Korea. When I got them, they made a huge difference to my eyes!

They would probably look best on darker eyes, but blue and purple aren't too different.

Now here's where you can see the impact! It completes the supernatural doll look that I try to aim for in Lolita XD

With a black wig- to me it looks less unnatural than blue eyes with black hair. Now I just need a better wig^^;;

I did have problems with the Korean lenses however- they didn't come with proper instructions, and I found out later that you were supposed to soak them in lens cleaner for at least 8 hours before use. This was after I already put them in and they burnt and stung my eyes DDDDD:
I haven't tried them back on since, and have been wondering if it's really worth risking my eyesight to look cool in lolita>_<;; You only get one pair of eyes, kids! Be sure to check with an optometrist and do your research before wearing contact lenses of any kind!
Also, circle lenses are only made for occasional and short-term wear. No more than 4-6 hours a day, and not too many days a week. There have been reports (although nothing official I can find) of people getting corneal ulcers and going blind from themD: A lot of my friends wear them often and so far have had no ill effects, although I know they take good care of them with cleaning and wear-time. Just be careful with your eyes!


  1. Sad to hear you had pain wearing your lenses. :/

    I wear 'normal', prescription contact lenses, and I love the look of big circle lenses, but I'm a bit hesitant to get them.
    On one hand, I know the routines and proper care of contact lenses, but on the other hand I know what could go wrong... Such a hard decision!
    But I think I'll give in one day because they look so great. I love how you look with them! ♥

  2. I have used acuvue define lenses before and found they didn't make much difference in the appearance/size of my eyes. These purple ones seem to work much better.

  3. You look like a whole different person in the last photo! It's amazing what a wig and some contacts can do.

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  5. Where have you bought the opaque circle lenses?
    Im have been looking for some like those in ages!


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