Friday, January 29, 2010

Circle Lens Update

Okay, so last week I wrote about how I got circle lenses and how they burnt my eyes the first time I wore them? Well, turns out that people were right, and that it was only a problem because they didn't come with the proper instructions that would have said "Soak your lenses in solution for at least 8 hours before wear,". I'm rather annoyed that this information was not broadcast rather loudly by the seller, and instead hidden on their FAQ page (which was broken at the time I got the lenses). The reason being, all domestic contact lenses can be worn straight from their packaging without soaking, so how would people know to soak them if they don't get told first? >_<;;

But anyway, now you know! Now I know! And I was able to put one in and wear it today for a few hours with no discomfort or problems. Yay circle lenses!

P.S. I actually wore out just one lens because I had to go shopping, and nobody noticed at allX___x;; I guess people really just don't look people in the eyes any more these days>_>;; But also, this re-enforces the fact that you should only wear these lenses for short amounts of time, like photo shoots, because otherwise you might be hurting your eyes for no reason and no-one will notice anywayX__x;;


  1. I'm glad your eyes are relatively OK! The lenses look pretty on you but your natural eye colour is even prettier I think <3

    I have one pair of circle lenses which were given to me as a present - I've only worn them one time though because I have serious phobias of putting my fingers or anything else near my eyes D:

  2. I went some 2 years ago to the ophthalmologist to have some eyes tests to know if I could wear color lens etc ....And she didn't wanted !
    Only because I'm lucky to have blue eyes , so not need to "destroy" my eyes with color lens...

    I'm was a bit disapointed ...A friend offered me purple lens T_T

    But like some people have problems with lens ... I didn't try ,I'm too afraid to hurt my eyes

    Have you had some test before to wear lens ?

  3. Chelle: Thanks! I'm only going to use these lenses for photoshoots, because they're not so good for every day wear. If you don't need contact lenses for sight correction, I wouldn't force you to wear them D:

    Kamihana-shi: I need to wear glasses every day, so I go to the optometrist all the time to get my eyes checked for contact lenses. Optometrists won't reccomend them for people with normal sight, and they don't like to reccomend colour lenses either.

  4. Yes indeed u_u

    I need glasses too but only sometimes to read etc ... So that's why they don't want too.

    well ...I'm lucky with my eyes so ...I won't try ^^.

    thx for your reply ^^


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