Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Marionette Photoshoot

Last year I did a J-Goth inspired photoshoot with a local photographer. The outfit was influenced by the goths in Japan (henceforth known as J-Goths). Unlike goths in Australia, they go all-out with white-face make-up, huge wigs and elaborate costumes. In fact, the costume in this shoot might actually look boring compared with what they would normally wear to a club, LOL>_>;;

More photos on my website!

For photos inside Japanese goth clubs: Black Veil photo galleries. (Extra points if you find photos of me in thereXD)


  1. These pictures are beautiful! Darkly Romantic...

  2. Beautiful photos! The cage overskirt is so pretty!

  3. You looks so cute!!!
    I'm in love with those photos *-*


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