Sunday, February 28, 2010

Foundation and Concealer Reviews

As a lolita obsessed with looking like a doll all the time, foundation is a natural obsession for me! For years I also had to contend with acne, but luckily now I discovered a treatment that works for me, so I can just concentrate on colour and cover. Today I'm writing reviews of all the foundations and concealers I've used in the past few years.


Revlon Photoready

Dubbed a "High Definition" foundation (as in, if someone filmed you on HD film you would still look good), this foundation really does seem to deliver. I've only worn it for two days so far, but it really does seem to give total coverage and last all day. It doesn't even make my T-zone extra oily like most. It is slightly shiny, but turns up well on film (i.e. doesn't make you look greasy). The only downside is that it's not as thick as I would have hoped. 4.5/5

L'oreal Infalliable

I used this one for a while, and it's thick and gives really good coverage. It is especially good at hiding redness and dark circles. Only cons are that it doesn't last all day, and makes my nose a bit more oily than usual. 4/5

Maybelline Age Rewind

I used various versions of this for years when I had bad acne. It gives amazing coverage of pimples! It is very thick and tends to crease, but that's the pay-off for the thickness. If you don't have a lot of acne, you don't really need to use this one, however. 4/5

Covergirl TruBlend

The colour is great, as it promises, however the coverage is very light and it makes your face look greasy, fast! I wore it a few times and never again, because I looked I'd rubbed my face in oil in photos. 2/5

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

It promises matte, and it delivers matte! However, the effect is short-lived, and will soon make your T-zone oily. I would only reccomend this for photoshoots when your face has to be really matte for a short amount of time. Otherwise I wouldn't wear this out on a daily basis. 2.5/5


Pore Putty

Apparently gyaru use this to hide acne scars before putting their foundation on. It does work somewhat, but can backfire if you use the slighest bit too much, and will ruin your foundation. It also can cause breakouts. It might work better on Asian skin, but personally I don't reccomend it. 1/5

Maybelline Age Rewind Double Face Perfector

This is pretty useless except for a touch-up concealer that fits in your purse. It's not any thicker than normal foundation and doesn't do a teriffic job of hiding blemishes. I don't really know what the highlighting end is good for, because I don't need any part of my face to look taller than it already is. 2.5/5

Maybelline Coverstick

This is basically greasepaint. I used it for a while and it really messed up the skin under my eyes. The only reason I could reccomend this is if you have the blackest of black undereye circles from hell and you have a really good reason why you want to conceal them. But please, don't use it on an every day basis. 0/5

Kate Cosmetics Powder

Kate seems to be a Japanese brand, and it is the only one that makes a foundation and powder than can possibly be used on Caucasian skin. I found their powder to be light and does it's job well. Other powders have made me cough a lot when I put them on, so whatever is in this one seems to be better. 3/5

Wow, okay, that was a lot of reviews! Until next time!


  1. on youtube I have seen a lot of good reviews of the revlon HD.
    I should try it :p

  2. Thanks for this! I tend not to wear foundation, because I've been soooo disappointed in the ones I have tried (like the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse), but the Revlon Photoready sounds like it might be what I've been looking for!

  3. Thanks for the review/heads up about the dream matte mousse. I'd been tempted to buy that because of the whole 'mousse' gimmick, but I guess I'll pass now >.>

    After using MAC foundation and concealer, I'm sort of at a dead end when it comes to other brands. MAC is ghastly expensive, but I don't know whether I will be able to find a more affordable brand that will do a similar job.

  4. I use Avon's Soft Ivory foundation in their smooth minerals collection. That's the only foundation I've tried besides the white ones from Manic Panic, but I like it very much! Maybe you should try it, too!


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