Monday, May 3, 2010

Gothic Lolita at Start of Autumn

Wow, have I had a busy couple of weeks! I just finished three days of shooting for my friends documentary about Lolita fashion in Australia. The documentary is for her university assignment, but hopefully it will be available online in a few months. I don't have any pictures from it, except a couple of head shots of what I was wearing:

Pink and Black Deco-ish Lolita^^;;

Gothic Lolita with Emo kid in back seat>_>;;

It's Autumn in Australia now, so the temperature is just bearable enough to wear lolita on weekends without melting^^;; This is me from the other week:

I had to take the sleeves off by midday, but put them back on in the evening. But that's the beauty of detachable sleeves!

Last week an episode of "Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty" aired in America. I was hopeful that perhaps the episode would help enlighten the public as to what Lolita fashion is and what it means in Japan, but unfortunately it ended up just being another sensationalised "LOL those crazy Japanese" piece that culminated in Jessica Simpson making a spectacle of herself walking down a catwalk in full lolita while flashing her bloomers at everyone:/ At least we get to see Angelic Pretty's designers Asuka and Maki in the background (they personally dress JS). But sadly I don't think anyone watching the show who didn't know about lolita will have any better idea of what the fashion is after watching than before it:/

I wish Asuka and Maki would make me over, LOL


  1. wow you look like two completely different people depending on your hair colour :) Love your eye make up.


  2. you have such gorgeous facial features <3


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