Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lolita Fashion and Glasses

Glasses and Lolita Fashion- can they mix? I see a lot of people worried about this question. What you -should- be asking yourself is "Glasses and Lolita Fashion- how can I make it work?"

A wise friend of mine once said "You can force anything," and I do believe she was right. Although the general rule is that glasses distract too much from the big "dolly eye" look that is important to lolita, there are many ways you can make it work. I know many lolitas who can't wear contact lenses, so here are some ideas to help you feel more confident wearing glasses.

1. Thin metal frames.

If you don't want your glasses to hide your eyes and more importantly your eye make-up and lashes, thin frames are a good idea.

This is me the other day when I ran out of contact lenses, LOL

2. Thick plastic frames.

Made popular by Visual Kei fans in Japan, thick plastic frames in black or red are good for drawing attention to your eyes in a "Yeah, I got glasses, so what??" way.

3. Hipster glasses

Okay, so I don't know what they're really called, but big oversized glasses are a popular fashion accessory now. Modeled here by the wonderful Sweetphaex of Dollpart fame, they are totally cute:D

4. Sunglasses.

For anonymity on public transport, sunglasses and lolita say "BRB, being badass."

5. Aristocrat/Ouji/Boystyle/Visual Kei

Glasses look better with more masculine styles, and are even just a great fashion accessory for these looks.

(I'm on a boaaaatXD;;)

6. Take your glasses off in photos.

No-one on the internet will ever knowXD;;


  1. The last two pics are gorgeous!~

    Lol at the 6th idea, that's what I sometimes do.

  2. I think glasses are an overall awesome accessory whether you need them or not. There are so many cute frames to choose from, so I can't imagine why anyone would have trouble matching them with lolita :)

  3. Shirubya: Thanks! Hehe, seriously, nobody on the internet will know if you don't sayXD

    SaffronSugar: You'd be amazed at the number of people who think you can never wear glasses with lolita!

  4. If you have those nice big "dolly" eyes then the idea of getting a thinner or semi-rimless frame which hardly covers anything is a real good choice for glasses. But I don't agree with taking your glasses off for pictures if you normally wear glasses most of the time. Doing that will often cause your eyes to have a blank look to them because you can't focus your eyes without your glasses. Besides just as you have shown in here yourself, you look amazing wearing your glasses and I can still see your beautiful eyes even with your glasses on.


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