Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kawaii TV x Australia's Next Top Model

Last year I was of course very interested to see when Australia's Next Top Model went to Japan and tried out various street fashions, including lolita. The Australian show only showed one side of it- mainly the "models" complaining about stuff, but the Japanese side, Tokyo Kawaii TV shows the side of the real models who helped dress them up.

Someone finally post it here on Tokyo Kawaii Etc... so you can view it (no subtitles but they include some show notes).

My notes on the first video:

When the Australian model that Misako dressed up in lolita (Kelsie) said "I look like Bo-Peep," they translated it into Japanese as "I look like a baby," and added baby crying noises. The voice-over guy kept saying "Is it impossible to make a beautiful Australian model look like a cute lolita??". She then puts a wig on her and the voice-over guy says the bangs hide her forehead (implying that it's huge btw) and stop her from looking too much like an adult. She then gives up on the bonnet and adds the bunny-ear hat instead, saying it looks cuter. The voice-over guy says "It hides her sexiness completely!" O_O;;

When they tried on a dress it came to just above Kelsie's knees, and Misako was like "You're not supposed to show any skin in lolita. If you have a gap between thigh-high socks and the skirt it's gross," and lamented she was too tall at just 172cm (which is pretty short for a Western model btw). She remedied it with longer socks, but it certainly shows the difference between BtSSB and Angelic Pretty (who make their dresses short on purpose to show off more thigh).

I love that they show Misako has a real job as a nurse, and how she carries little Sanrio things with her because she has to wear a uniform for her job. Good on her for thinking ahead beyond modeling! I hope that she inspires more lolitas to think about their futureO_O

Notes on the second part:

They show inside Misako's room, yay! Inside her closet is lots of Emily Temple Cute, which makes me happy! They have some vox pops on the street that say Misako is the best lolita model in Japan, and looks like she was born to be a lolita.

She shows her boxes of fan letters from lolitas around the world, and talks about one girl who wrote to her and said her parent's are against her wearing lolita. She says that even though we wear lolita as a fashion because we like it, lots of people will look at us and say we must be weird because we don't look normal. She then says she feels like she's carrying the hopes of her Japanese and Westerns fans on her back.

OMG HOSTS HNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHH (sorry, there's no accounting for taste:P)
And why are they in Don Quixote for a segment on Akiba-kei... meh, not even mad.

Back to the lolita, Misako says that no matter how cute you look, if you walk down the runway like a model it won't look right for lolita, and tries to teach Kelsie how to walk. Before the show she gives Kelsie the rings she wears every day to wear for the show, but it's kinda obvious they don't fit well on her fingersX_x;;

After the parade, the fashion students votes for their favourite, and it went Gyaru > School Uniform > Fairy-kei > Lolita. Misako was really upset and was crying, and said she wanted to try to represent Japan through lolita fashion but she felt like she failedT_T

In the end, I liked this better than the Australian one because it took it more seriously and we didn't have to put up with the Australian models making fun of it. Gawd, seeing people acting like that makes me want to go back to Japan foreverT_T


  1. i wish i could understand it. I feel sorry for misako. :(

  2. I felt sad for Misako, she did her best and the model showed no respect for it.
    I am a little sad though at 181.5 I am almost 10 cm taller than Kelsie, In brand clothes most of half thigh is showing T_T good there are tights and I make most of my own lolita clothes.

  3. >Duplica-chan: Me too, but I guess she's got better thing to look forward too.

    >Yajaira: Yeah, the model was so rude! Wow, my mom is also 181cm LOL At least you could be a catwalk model!

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  5. Misako, I saw her in 2011! she came to visit Brazil~~so cute♥

    "I Love cupcake and rock n'roll"

  6. Both America's and Britain's Next Top Model shows are terrible. They treat other cultures with absolutely zero respect if not outright racism.

    It's so interesting to get the other side on this! I feel really sorry for Misako, having to deal with that incredibly rude model. I wouldn't normally find a voice-over guy mocking a model for how she looks in a fashion style funny, but in this case, I'm amused that they didn't think much more of her than she did of Lolita.


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