Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer and Shopping!

Wow, Summer has gotten so hot here, it's going to be hard to wear lolita for a while!

Lately I've made a couple of lolita purchases that I can't wait to wear, though.

The first is this headdress from Antique Beast:

I call it the Bat-Cat Headdress^^;;

It doubles as a choker!

I've been in love with the indies brand Antique Beast for so long now! They've been around over 10 years, and this "Black Cat" headdress was one of the first items I really wanted. Sadly they didn't ship overseas until last year, but when I first got into lolita I wanted one so much I made a (bad) copy!

Yes, shameful now I know. But at least I'm finally getting the real one!

The other thing I ordered was this wig from Cyperous:

I've always wanted two-tone hair like this, and the cut of the bangs is sooo nice! I can't wait to get it and wear it out :D

I'll post reviews when I get the items!


  1. Wow the wig looks so beautiful! Is that like real hair?

  2. I love that headdress/choker! I may have to make one myself...

  3. >MoE Superstar: It's not real hair, but it's very high quality heat-resistant fibre. It rocks!

    >DuskRose_Dreaming: They're really hard to makeO___O


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