Sunday, July 3, 2011

MC Melody Doll Tells All!

So how did the first even Lolita Rap Parody music video come to be? I'll let you in on a secret- there was alcohol involved, LOL

The truth is, I had heard the original Fabolous song on my workmate's iTunes library, and thought it was the best song I'd ever heard! A song about a guy basically saying "If you become my girlfriend, I'll take you shopping and buy you whatever you want because I'm so rich!" How brilliant! I bet he has no trouble getting girls with a realistic attitude like that^^;; But anyway, I became so obsessed with this song that I was sharing it with all my friends, until one day I was like "This song is so materialistic, we should do a Lolita version of it," (about 5 vodkas in, mind you). Luckily my friends are awesome film makers, so they made it happen!

If you haven't seen the original, really, it's worth it^^;;

I wrote the parody lyrics in about 10 minutes and we recorded it in just a couple of days- the first day was the scene in the alley-way, at which point we hadn't even recorded the song yet, so the lip-sync is kinda out-of-whack, but we didn't have time to go back and re-record any of it. The second day was the inside scenes and the coffin scene, where I had to lie in someone's freezing backyard at midnight for ages^^;;

If you're wondering about the lyrics, here are some of the more obscure references:

I'm in Laforet
Laforet is a multi-level shopping center in Harajuku, which has most lolita brands.

Fill up them point cards, get the discount
All lolita brands have point cards, and when you spend say 5000-yen you get a stamp, and when you fill the card you get a discount of a small percent. Generally you have to spend $1000 to get $50 off your next purchase or something, and I think you have to use it within a year. The only time I ever filled one up was when I was doing shopping services for other people, LMAO

Is it a present? I say "No" when they ask it
Some brands (and a lot of shops in Japan) will ask you if your purchase is a present when you buy it, and wrap it specially if it is.

Next week I'll be buying up Osaka
After Tokyo, Osaka city has the most lolita shops in Japan.

I don't pay for hosts though
They are gross so
Be sitting by myself drinking Rose Mo

I couldn't resist leaving the the original song's reference to "Rose Mo", which I assume is Rose Moe & Chandon- an expensive champagne that seems to be a favourite of both rappers and hosts, LOL^^;;

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a message!

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  1. That's funny to know ^^
    And 10 minutes is really fast for writing the text!


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