Monday, March 12, 2012

MC Melody Doll News!

Sup Lolis! Sup brolitas! Sup... Mana. I have exciting news! This year, MC Melody will be back with some new projects! I can't reveal their nature yet, but I can assure you I will NOT be taking myself seriously.

Could YOU take this face seriously???

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You might ask me, "Melody Doll, why are you sacrificing your dignity for this? You aren't even making any money off it!".

Well, to you I say, I'm doing it for the lulz. And to prove my theory that entertainment for lolitas can take all forms, and doesn't have to be limited to "traditional" forms.

We have such cool clothes, and so many creative people- not to mention our own subculture with all it's own in-jokes. It's about time we got up and made our own entertainment!

Some of my favourite examples of non-traditional lolita entertainment have hit the net recently in the form of "Shit Lolitas Say" videos:

I love these so much! Keep up the good work guys!


  1. I am so happy to hear this!I am a big fan of MC Melody Doll. I converted the song 'Throw it in the bag' to mp3 and now I have it on my Ipod. I listen very often to it. I can't describe how happy I am with this song. It never gets boring because its just so funny. And it sounds so professional. I can't wait for another song XD

  2. This makes Melody Doll very happyXD Hopefully everything will go to plan and there will be another song soon!

  3. LOL. The videos are so funny. Especially the 1st one.


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