Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Day in Paradise 4th Birthday Party

Last December, the Melboune Lolita shop "One Day in Paradise" had it's 4th anniversary party. All of the local lolitas turned up for food, prizes and a magic show- being provided by yours truly^^;;

People at the party:

So many lolis in a tiny space!

Happy facesXD

A very cute pair of sweet lolitas<3

Mario Lolita!

Me with my favourite cupcake:3

And my magic ring!

Self-portrait inside the shop.

Me and my magic assistant, Jorge:


Is this your card?

A video of one of the tricks I did:
This was like the first trick I learnt. I have lots more now^^;;

After the party me and my friends went to dinner:

A mirror or glass window?

I love taking photos at night:3

It was a really fun day!


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