Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lolita Week in Review #3

A little bit of a quiet week this time, but it started off with a Lolita meet-up on Monday!
We went to the Modern Art Gallery in Brisbane, and I wore an Emily Temple Cute outfit!

All the pictures from this day are posted here on EGL.

Now, this outfit I was wearing may not look like a traditional lolita outfit, so let me explain why:

Emily Temple Cute is considered widely in Japan to be a lolita brand, but kind of separate from the other types of lolita. (For a while people were calling it "Otome-kei", but I've never seen it classified as such on a Japanese website.) There are three main brands- Emily Temple Cute, Milk and Jane Marple who fit into the "Lolita- but not always" category. For example, they also produce dresses more suited to gyaru fashion, decora fashion or even older ladies fashion. However, because they also produce lolita clothes, they are still considered lolita brands.

For example, these are lolita pieces by each brand:

And these are non-lolita pieces by each brand:

So as you can see, not all lolita brands only make lolita clothes! However, if you like that brand and their style, it's fun to wear their other clothes when you don't want to or can't dress in full lolita style fashion^_^


  1. those are some lovely dresses!

  2. Do you think you can see otome fashion slowly becoming more popular in female otaku culture in the west?

    And do you mind if I put your answer in article I'm writing that may or may not get published. >.>


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