Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lolita Week in Review #4

This week it was rainy and miserable outside, so I didn't go out in lolita much. However, I used my time inside to finish a new dress!

Presenting: The Mermaid-kei Lolita Dress!

Much ado has been made recently about "Fairy-kei" ("kei" is Japanese for "style"), which had been made popular by the brand Spank. Inspired by 1980s and 1990s cartoons and bright neon colours, Fairy-kei is a fashion made of layers or seemingly random clothes with a fairy-tale twist. For pictures of the style worn, check out this video on YouTube: Spank Fairy-kei Fashion Brand

Some people are saying that this style is beginning to cross over into lolita with pastel and neon colours becoming popular. But even if the influence is the same, the outcome is still different. Fairy-kei is closer to Decora style in it's mixing of layers and random accessories, whereas Lolita will always have the same kind of dresses or skirts and blouses to keep the basic silhouette.

So in reaction to the Fairy-kei movement, I made my own Mermaid-kei dress!

It combines the basic lolita silhouette with sparkly fabrics which are never really seen in lolita to create a new concept. Of course I don't expect this to take off and be the next big thing, but I thought it was an interesting experiment!

In other lolita fashion news, this week saw the start of Summer Sales and Fukuburos in Japan. A fukubukuro is a kind of lucky-dip bag that lolita brands sell with a random selection of clothes inside for around $100. The clothes inside are usually worth $500, but you don't get to choose what's inside. This can lead to either great savings or great disappointment if you get something you don't like or doesn't fit you. Most brands fill the fukubukuros, or "Lucky Packs" with clothes that didn't sell, but some also make special clothes just for the packs.

Lucky Packs are sold at least twice a year- once in Summer and once at New Years. These are also the times that brands have their sales. Webshops also sell these packs and have sales online, so even if you can't get to Japan, you can still get a bargain!


  1. Wow! :D I totally adore the dress! :D I have recently found a lot of fairy-kei uploads in my "new blog updates" folder, I don't know why suddenly everybody is talking about this? I Adore the style and really want a light purple wig atm.,but I wonder if this is the new things thats "in" ? I am a totally new lolita and have TONS of things to learn, but thanks to this and other great lolita blogs and add's at other websites I have allready learned a bit :P Thank you very much! I can't wait to get my first dress :D (The only lolita thing I've got is two petticoats XD) ^-^ and some toys...

    well, thanks again! Love the mermaid dress ^-^

  2. Glad you like the dress! Fairy Kei is popular with certain groups in Japan, but it's not a huge fashion style yet. Just something new that people are noticing.
    I hope you can get your first outfit together soon! Nothing is more fun than wearing lolita!

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