Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogging the Floods Away

Still stuck not able to reach my home. I had to evacuate in a hurry, so even though I saved all my lolita dresses, most of my accessories and make-up are still there:/ Hopefully the water didn't reach my house, but I'm still gonna worry until I can reach it! All the roads out there are still blockedT_T

To distract myself, I dressed up today and played around with using a tripod and dSLR^^;;

I've never done one of these shots before, and now I don't think I'll do anything but them in the future! XD


This isn't Photoshop, it's me not knowing how to use the camera, haha^^;;

Skirt, blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Queen Bee
Flowers: Diva


  1. I still have to make a picture like the 1st one! Yours turned out so well!

  2. So pretty! You look angelic in the second picture <3
    I hope the floods subside soon.

  3. I hope the floods go down soon!
    Those photos are gorgeous, though. <3

  4. "Twin" photos are fun, aren't they? :)

    Good to know you're safe, hopefully you'll be able to return home soon!

  5. The third picture looks like the white balance is off and the exposure might be a bit high - but I think it looks really effective!

    BTW You're stunning ^_^

    I hope you come out of the floods okay. If it rains again here heavily like it did a few weeks ago(I'm in NSW) we'll probably go under. I've got all my good clothes in suitcases ready to go just in case. I'm worried about my antique furniture I inherited though :(

    Stupid floods.

    Thoughts are with you xx

  6. Thank-you all for your kind words!

    >The Green Fairy: Oh no, I hope the water doesn't get into your place D: If you can't get your furniture out, can you put it in your roof?


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