Thursday, January 13, 2011

Headdress Not Dead??

I'm currently not able to go to work because of the floods in my hometown, so I thought I'd blog about something I posted on EGL yesterday.

The Gothic Lolita headdress! It was one of the first really recognisable parts of the fashion, after bell-shaped skirts and knee-high socks. In the past few years, they have all but disappeared in favour of Alice-bows, headbands and hats of all sorts.

However, lately there has been some interest in going back to "Old School" lolita. Not only in the Western community, but looking in the latest Kera magazine, it seems they are coming back:

An old-school style from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

A smaller chic-er version from Innocent World.

The caption I think said Metamorphose, but it looks modified?

Also from the latest Kera was this comic which I found hilarious:

1. Learn of the Gothic Lolita "missionary(??)" Mana-sama,
2. Work hard, save money. With that bit of money-
3. Collect lolita little-by-little
4. And then wear Lolita every day!


  1. I think the headdress is something really cute, you just have to wear it right...

  2. I love headresses ♥

    By the way, can I use your translation and image to reblog it? I'll credit you :) ofcourse.

  3. Headdresses are so cute and easy to customise, I'm quite excited that they're coming back 'in'.

  4. I hope that you're safe from all the flooding! It's even the head of the news in the US right now.

    With lolita, I really do like headdresses, though I'm more fond of the round or oblong ones lately than the straight rectangles. They are very cute, though, and I'd like to see more of them (and more bonnets) in the style!

  5. I love the headdress, they're really adorable! And that comic is pretty awesome XD

  6. I'm glad people still like headdresses!

    >Nadia: Okay, but don't direct link my image!


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