Monday, January 17, 2011

Still Bloggin'

Should only be one more day until I can go back to my apartment. I'm really worried about what the city is going to be like now... it could be years until it's all cleaned up and repaired. I feel so terrible to all the people who's houses got totally flooded. I'm lucky that I'm just renting, but if the house you owned got flooded, it would never be the same again D: No-one ever expected it to flood after 10 years of drought, though!

No, I will never get tired of multiple exposure shots:P The only challenge now is to make them more interesting^^

Today I'm in Moitie! I got this one in Closet Child after trying on just about everything in the store. I like the fact it has a different kind of blue in it to my usual sax blue- I'm going to start collecting more like this, I think^^

I managed to leave half my make-up behind, but you'd hardly notice^^;;


  1. You're reeeeeally making me want to take multi-exposure-twin shots. I haven't done any in ages and have some ideas for a few.

    Glad you're doing well in your (flood-enforced) captivity. I hope you get to go home soon!

  2. I wouldn't call the multiple exposure shots dull that you've taken so far--I really enjoy seeing them. Anyway, I'm really sorry about the flooding. Over here it's wildfires and mudslides.

  3. >Focusing the lens:
    You should totally do it! It's always fun to play around with photos! And I should be going home tomorrow!

    >DuskRose Dreaming:
    I'm glad you like my photos! I'm always trying to think of more fun things to do^^
    Oh no, where do you live?


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