Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Lolita Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I just had my first holiday in aaages, but it rained the whole time so I didn't end up wearing lolita anywhere. Le sad;_;

Good news though! The Brisbane Lolita Christmas Party made it to the newspaper:D My friend is doing a series on Subcultures and Brisbane and wrote it. She also interviewed me! You can read the article here: Loving the Lolita look

I bought the newspaper and read it while eating a bento^^

The other day, I went to my first Steampunk meet-up! I had always seen there were lots of Steampunks around Brisbane, but I kept missing the events they have. This time the same friend was writing an article about Steampunks and told me about this one, so I decided to go!

Victorian x Meiji multicultural steampunkXD

My idea was to make a mixture of European and Japanese mourning wear, hence the formal crested black kimono and black veil. One day I hope I can make this costume even more elaborate, but not until Winter because I nearly died wearing this in a hot, steamy (excuse the pun) SummerX______x;;

They call me the Black Widow:P

A shot of everyone there- so many awesome outfits!


  1. Your steampunk outfit is beautiful! I love the idea of combining Japanese and European influences.

  2. Thanks! I've always been interested in Western and Japanese combinations:D


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