Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still Blogging Away the Flood

Still stuck at my parents house, trying not to think about how bad my apartment will be by the time I can reach itT______T

Today I dressed up in my favourite colour- sax blue! I first started wearing blue lolita clothes in 2005, when I went to Angelic Pretty and they had a blue dress on sale that I thought was so pretty. Since then I never looked back!

I stuck some things into the flowers to make it look different from yesterday, but you can hardly see it>_>;;

This dress has a full circle skirt and is so heavy! It was in a Winter lucky pack :D

Nerdy bonus- I finally took the Fish Custard Challenge! (Doctor Who fans know what I'm talking aboutXD;;)

All ready to eat, with my apron on!

It tasted um... like custard on fish fingers, LOL


  1. Ahahah! Fish Custard! Was it nice though? Personally, I dont like either ingredient so I will probably never take this challenge myself..

  2. That is a very pretty dress ^^
    I really like it

  3. I love the dress! And that food is weird, I'd love to try it xD

  4. Nooo! fish custard! those go terribly together after the first bite. I love the dress though! the blue really suits you.

  5. Great photos. ^^ As for the floods, here's hoping they subside soon!

  6. Thanks everyone! Still a couple of days before I can go home;_;

    >SkyBluePink: It wasn't so great, I guess the hot and the cold just didn't mix^^;; It was fun to try, though!


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